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Intertree-Smart Access Control Solution
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The access control management system is a channel management system that integrates channel security management, alarm processing, event recording and multi-system linkage.

Intertree's visitor automatically compares whether the document and the person at the scene are the same person, effectively solves the fraud of the document, and truly realizes the integration of person and witness. Its advanced face recognition system is based on a variety of core algorithms, such as space and three-dimensional, to make precise comparisons of face positioning and face feature recognition ...
The elevator intelligent control management system strengthens the weakest link in the traditional security management system and greatly improves the security level of the building. The IC card issuing center can set the authority of each IC card before the issued card can be used .. .
Using WeChat public account to scan the code to open the door increases the circulation of personnel such as express delivery, and also improves the community's security property access authority. It issues key permissions every year or half a year to help collect property fees and other functions! ...
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