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Industry IoT Solutions
Beijing Intertree Technology Development Co., Ltd. is committed to establishing a human-centered perception system through system integration of software and hardware and static and dynamic face recognition technology to achieve human-machine interconnection and perceptual fusion in different business scenarios. The overall solution includes, but is not limited to, vertical industry solutions such as smart hardware, smart buildings, smart business supermarkets, smart communities, and smart campuses, which can be adapted from hardware (image acquisition unit, central algorithm recognition server), software function development (standard software Functions, precise identification database, cloud management services) to SaaS-level software integration technology to meet the individual needs of different enterprise users.

Precise identification
Achieve efficient and accurate identification of 1: 1, 1: N application scenarios, with a misrecognition rate of less than 1 in 10,000
Million base
Support 50,000 people accurate identification databaseSupport all ages, all regions, children
Live detection
Provide a variety of live detection methods such as silent live and infrared binocular to meet the needs of users in different scenarios
Backlight recognition
Based on in-depth self-developed ISP face algorithm patent technology, through the optimization and upgrade of algorithms and hardware to solve the problem of ambient light caused by factors such as lighting, distance, angle, etc.

System Components
In terms of hardware composition, our industry IoT solution includes at least a front-end image acquisition unit (a dedicated high-definition camera for face recognition, a dedicated dome camera, a panel machine) and a back-end processing unit (a dedicated server for image algorithm processing, a digital smart set-top box); The software composition includes our core management system, and is composed of modules such as access control management, visitor management, and welcome management. Users can integrate or conduct secondary development according to their own needs.
Core technologies
Face Detection
Quality judgment
Live detection
Attribute analysis
Face recognition
Core Products
Smart access control
The core of the intelligent access control system is face recognition technology, which greatly enhances the convenience of traffic while retaining the original access control security. The face recognition access control system uses dynamic, non-cooperative methods for face verification, which is more efficient than traditional card access control. At the same time, because of the uniqueness of the face features, it also solves the problems of passers-by forgetting to bring documents and impersonating others' documents. According to different usage scenarios, users can choose different forms of equipment such as access control and gates to realize the management of exit permissions.
Smart Welcome
Based on face recognition technology, the smart welcome system uses a more novel way to implement the welcome function. It can be combined with the background management system to implement personnel identification, employee attendance, visitor registration, stranger reminders, daily data statistics, and query functions. Work smarter. Provide a great experience for visitors. In addition to being applied to the front desk of the enterprise, the smart welcome system can also be applied to sign-in services for exhibitions and annual meetings.
Intelligent visitor management
The intelligent visitor management system provides a set of effective and efficient management solutions for external personnel of the company, witness verification, rapid registration of personnel information, linkage with face recognition access control, and welcome system, which facilitates visitor registration and access, and can also improve corporate visitor management Level of integration.
Application scenario
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