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We focus on the face recognition access control industry, smart community access control systems and other fields, and we provide excellent urban-level smart management integrated solutions
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11 years of rooting in the intelligent industry, more than 5,000 enterprises and institutions witness the quality of engineering
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Face recognition access control, smart community system, smart access control license plate recognition We have professional technology and would like to share more with you
The intelligent parking lot charging system will definitely bring a technological leap of the parking lot management system, and promote the implementation of the full intelligent parking lot management system ...
The license plate recognition parking lot management system was developed using the license plate recognition system. It uses computer vision technology, neural network systems ...
With the rapid development of the times, more and more car owners. In some residential areas, traditional parking equipment is still in use. Whenever steam ...
The securities industry is undergoing change, which is also affecting changes in other industries. With the improvement of living standards, people are more and more aware ...
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Strategic Partners
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